The laser Labyrinth as a magnetic crowd-puller

Excitement and fun at your event

This is an exciting participation experience á la “Mission Impossible”: In the Laser Labyrinth your participants thread their way through a network of laser beams. Of course, on their “secret mission” they mustn’t touch them if they want to reach their goal undetected.
This makes our mobile Laser Labyrinth an exciting activity for participants of all ages.


Our mobile Laser Labyrinth is ideal for the following occasions:

  • trade fairs
  • popular celebrations at department stores, automobile dealerships or the like
  • corporate events with an experience character



Laser Labyrinth - initial technical data

  • Area required min. 6m x 3m
  • Room height min. 4m
  • Required power correction: 16 A
  • Support by min. 2 persons