Wave Rider

Wave Rider - surfing and snowboarding as a hands-on experience

Fun and action for your event

This experience will generate action and attention for your roadshow, your opening event, your street party or your promotion: on our Wave-Rider your participants can snowboard or surf on a 5 m wide endless wave.

Our stationary “wave” is created by a huge, rotating brush carpet. This enables a safe and extraordinary experience, which will open up the fascination of board sports to everyone.
Of course your brand and message will be added to the installation especially for your event, in order to provide it with maximum attention and a powerful advertising impact.


Technical facts about our Wave Rider:

  • Area required: 13m x 9m
  • Height required: 6m
  • Required power correction: 32 A/20 KW
  • Certified fire safety
  • TÜV certification
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • Support by at least 3 persons


Give us a call and let our experts advise you on how you can effectively use the Wave Rider for your next promotion!

Example Event: Milka Wave Rider

For a Promotionsshow by Milka and relating thereto the launch of a new chocolate, the Wave Rider was the ideal adventure world for this concept. The Slogan "Together on a wavelenght" combined with surfing on the Wave Rider let the customers experience the brand message and let them associate an unforgettable experience with the product.

Tour in: Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne
May - September 2017