Breathtaking, modern and innovative Laser-LED Shows

Creative LED light and dance shows

Now things get colourful: let our Air Track Dance crew inspire the guests at your next event with an unforgettable and vibrant dance performance! With their colourful LED costumes the dancers make your stage sparkle and your audience radiant!
Of course we customise the show for your requirements and integrate your brand, your logo and your product in a creative way. You can look forward to great and impressive entertainment, and a show which will long be remembered.


How we can integrate your brand

  • The staging is displayed in the form of LED Lights
  • The staging is in your CI colours
  • Unique presentation of the product
  • Your logo is integrated

Inspire your audience with an LED dance show as a show act for:

  • opening ceremonies
  • product presentations
  • parties
  • promotions
  • showcasing your brand
  • galas

Laser-LED dance show - The main facts

  • An Air Track dance performance with LED lightning costumes
  • It should be possible to darken the room
  • Live bands and dancers can be integrated
  • Individual and unique choreography
  • Your brand and your product are integrated creatively
LED light shows