Impressive, creative and late breaking show acts - Video Mapping

Video Mapping on Stage

With this show act you will create moments of real inspiration! Get the full attention of your guests and fascinate them with a video interaction show. Customised to your requirements, we create the video and choreography individually for you in order to convey your message in an impact-making way.

Professional dancers interact with the film onstage, carrying your audience off into an impressive and exciting world. Showcase your product in a unique way and use an unforgettable show for your event in order to give your message the stage performance it deserves.  


Video Mapping Vertical

Inspire your guests with a show which will long remain in the memory! In Video Interaction Vertical an individual film is created in a way which is customised for your company and accompanied by the relevant choreography. The highlight: the dancers float in the air and interact with the music and the film.  
Your brand and your product will be uniquely and unforgettably integrated into the show and become the focus of attention. Use the vertical interaction in order to provide an ideal showcase for your product and make it unforgettable.


Short Facts

  • Individual production of the video content
  • Individual integration of your message
  • A trhee-dimensional and interactive presentation with professional dancers
  • The highlight for your event
  • Interaction between music, video, dancers

How we can integrate your brand into the show:

  • Your logo ist embedded into the video
  • The staging ist in your CI colours
  • Your corporate values and product features are integrated and interpreted
  • Unique presentation of the product

Use our video interaction show act for:

  • opening ceremonies
  • product presentations
  • communicating your advertising message
  • showcasing your brand
  • corporate events
video interaction on stagevideo interaction on stage